Flare Networks FLR/SGBトークンの付与について / Flare Networks FLR/SGB tokens distribution

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Flare Networksとの協議

当社を含む国内事業者12社(オブザーバー1社)にて、顧客資産保護、顧客メリット最大化を目的として、Flare Networksと引き続き協議を続けております。

Flare Networksとの合意条件

SGBトークンについては、日本の取引所ではFLRトークンがJVCEA/FSAに上場承認された場合に、Flare Networksから当該取引所に対して付与する。

※Flare Networksとの交渉の結果、承認期限が2023年6月12日まで延長となっております。
※FLR/SGBトークンの発行元であるFlare Networksの方針変更その他の事由により、方針変更となる場合がございます。

※Flare NetworksによるFLR/SGBに関する発表はこちら



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Discussions with Flare Networks

12 domestic service providers (1 observer) including bitbank have continued the discussions with Flare Networks for the purpose of protecting customer assets and maximizing customer benefits.

Terms of Agreement with Flare Networks

As for Spark (FLR), should the JVCEA* and JFSA* approve the listing by June 12, 2023, each Japanese exchange will claim FLR and distribute it to XRP holding customers.
As for Songbird (SGB), should the JVCEA* and JFSA* approve the listing of FLR on each Japanese exchange, the Flare Networks will distribute it to that exchange.

*JVCEA: Japan Virtual and Crypto assets Exchange Association
*JFSA: Japan Financial Services Agency

※As a result of negotiations with Flare Networks, the approval deadline has been extended to June 12, 2023.
※There are procedures in accordance with laws and regulations as well as the rules of self-regulatory organizations in order for the domestic service providers to start handling the services.
※Further information on the start of handling will be announced on each company's website as soon as it is determined.
※The timing of the service launch and the token distribution may be affected by the status of each company's service screening and system maintenance.
※This policy is subject to change due to changes in the policies of Flare Networks, the issuer of the FLR/SGB tokens, or for other reasons.

※Flare Networks’ announcement about FLR/SGB tokens

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