XRPに関する報道および当社対応について/Our plans following the reports on XRP

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米証券取引委員会(米SEC)が、23日付けでXRPの運営会社であるリップル社(Ripple Labs Inc.)および同社幹部を提訴したと発表しました。また、米SECの発表に関連する報道がなされています。









Thank you for using bitbank.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced on the 23rd December Japan Standard Time (JST) that it has filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs Inc. (“Ripple”), and the company’s executives. Additionally there are other reports that have been published related to the announcement by the SEC.

In response to these reports we hereby announce bitbank’s plans on how we intend to handle XRP.


We currently do NOT have any plans to suspend or cancel the trading of XRP. Users can continue to trade, deposit and withdraw XRP on our exchange.

About some reports regarding dealings between Ripple and crypto currency exchanges

An announcement by the U.S. SEC claims that Ripple has made "proposals to crypto currency exchange companies (including those in Japan) that XRP can be purchased 10 to 30% cheaper than the market price".
bitbank has never received such a proposal from Ripple.

Warning on the possibility of a sudden price change of XRP

Following the announcement by the U.S. SEC and other various reports linked to the announcement, the price of XRP has dropped significantly from the opening price of 46.25 yen to the closing price of 26.3 JPY (-43.14%) on December 23 JST. Significant price fluctuations are still expected to occur in the future. We recommend all customers to check and confirm various announcements and reports before making any transactions.

We will inform you accordingly in case there are any changes surrounding this matter.